Gay Nell & Associates, Inc. proudly offers the finest case goods, custom created furniture and bedding for the hotel and hospitality industry. If you want creativity, defined quality and design in all components of your project, call us today!

We believe that providing 100% custom furnishings will create the individual experience and value for your guests that will ensure their return to your property. Anybody can build furniture; it takes a professional to reflect and create your image and style.

Our Brands

We provide the following innovative and trusted brands Brookline Furniture Company, Mario Contract Lighting/Reliance Lamp/ Passport Furniture, Majestic Mirror & Frame, Samuelson Furniture, Simmons Beautyrest, Northland Furnitur, Fildoux/Dora US, Inc. and more. We have the experience and the relationships to create the ideal look for your property.


All of our


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